Matrigen MesoBB Brightening Control System

10 ML x 5

Professional ONLY

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Matrigen MesoBB Brightening Control System

10ml x 5

Matrigen MesoBB Brightening Control System gives more special effects than general daily care cosmetics & can provide visible outstanding effectiveness experience with a single management that combined with professional beauty technology. Also, this is a professional product which can be applied to various beauty treatments.

– Recommended for all ages / Colored skin / Dark & uneven skin tone / freckles and pigmented skin/ After the acne scars & pigmentation /

MeoBB  Brightening Control System helps to restore of regular skin tone & brightening effect.  It provides help to lightening spots, blemishes, age spot by activate collagen and skin cell renewal of the skin.

How to Use:
1. Apply the ampoule evenly on the face and neck area.

2. Penetrate the ingredients by using a derma roller or Auto MTS device(max. 0.25mm) (1 ampoule(10ml) per treatment) Optional: Apply mask sheet to maximize the absorption of the ingredients.

3. Clean the face. Optional: Then apply the regenerating or any cream. *Can go out without applying any sunblock treatments.

This serum does not contain Ion, and it should remain neutral. It can be used with any other Beauty Equipment:

Meso Therapy: Current device, Ultrasonic device, Iontophoresis(+),(-) No Ionization effect,  Oxygen Therapy,  Photodynamic Therapy(PDT), Use after peeling treatment, Use before Massage or Mask base, Use with suction base,  Basic step for everyday use

Made in Korea