Micrylium BioMERS Instrument Disinfectant

Features and Benefits:

Bioload-resistant anti-microbial

Economical to use

Time-saving product

Non-corrosive, Non-staining

User friendly

Micrylium BioMERS Instrument Disinfectant

Disinfection through immersion of non-sterilizable instruments. May also be used as a holding solution. Full strength product that does NOT require dissolution.


Micrylium BioMERS Instrument Disinfectant reaches its highest level, TB disinfection, in just one minute. This time is significantly less than comparable products with glutaraldehydes that require 45 to 90 minutes of immersion to reach their disinfection levels.

With BioMERS, gloves and mask are not necessary (although we still strongly recommend their usage as per the health and safety guidelines within your area). BioMERS produces NO irritating vapours like products which contain aldehydes.

Your instruments are valuable investments. BioMERS will NOT corrode metals, even when stainless steel, carbide steel or aluminum instruments are placed together.

Typically, when items such as dentures or cheek retractors are soaked, they absorb 2-8 % of their weight of the solution in which they are immersed. This results in mucosal irritation caused by the absorption of aldehydes or phenols found in other immersion products. This does NOToccur with BioMERS as it contains NO such elements!

BioMERS contains NO phenols or aldehydes. It does NOT contain noted hormone disrupting chemicals or nonyl-phenyl ethoxylate-based surfactants.