PREempt WASH Concentrated Formula

Choice of 1 Litre or 1 Gallon

Use Dilutions:
• 1:128 – Manual Cleaning (3-5 Min.)
• 1:256 – Manual Cleaning (5 Min.)

Manual Cleaning (1:128 to 1:256 dilution):
1. Dilute PREempt™ WASH with warm water (do not use hot water).
2. Place instrument into solution for 5 minutes using agitation when required.
3. Remove instrument, rinse, inspect for cleanliness and proceed with disinfecting step.
4. Change solution daily or as needed.

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PREempt WASH Concentrated Formula

PREempt™ WASH is a very versatile formulation that has the ability to clean all soil types present on devices and instruments without the use of enzymes and has the added benefit of providing bacteriostatic properties by helping to control bacterial growth.

PREempt™ WASH uses the Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide technology which is a synergistic blend of commonly used, safe ingredients and hydrogen peroxide that ensures you are achieving a superior cleaning performance in realistic contact times while offering unparalleled user safety.

CLEANER PREempt™ WASH is bacteriostatic and has exceptional cleaning efficiency against carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. It prevents biofilm and organic debris build up, reducing maintenance activities.
FASTER It is a 3 to 5 minute cleaner with multiple applications. It requires no additional heat or special equipment, accelerating cleaning efficiency while saving time and money.
RESPONSIBLE Enzyme free, does not release noxious fumes, and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Users are not exposed to harmful chemicals, allowing for a safer cleaning experience.
SUSTAINABLE The active ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving no active residual and reducing environmental impact.