Melting Pot for Wax Paraffin


Melting Pot for Wax Paraffin



Quick heat up and variable temperature control make this an ideal unit for heating wax, sugar and paraffin products.

The compact size make this ideal for smaller areas or home use.

The warmer offers a variety of temperatures and material settings for maximum efficiency.

It also heats quickly and keeps wax at the perfect temperature with an automatic thermostatic control.

Loose wax and paraffin can be placed directly in the non-stick well.

The wax warmer also features a locking lid and built in safety light for ensured safety.

Can fit 14oz wax can into the pot without the well.  (require around 30minutes to melt the 14oz can wax) 


  • Compact unit fits safely on most workstations
  • Holds containers or loose wax up to 4oz.
  • Variable temperature settings for the perfect temperature
  • Locking lid and built in safety light for protection
  • Non-stick well wipes clean easily
  • Suitable for wax, sugar, and paraffin products
  • ETL (Electric Testing Laboratory) tested and approved for safety
  • Dimensions: Approximately 4.5″ tall and 3.75″ diameter