Matrigen Hair Removal G-Cream


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Matrigen Hair Removal G-Cream

150 g

MATRIGEN G Cream is based on the plant extract ingredients(grape seed oil, licorice extract, etc.) Minimizes skin stimulation and can be used by people with sensitive skin without skin irritation. Especially, it is a multi-function hair removal cream that can be gently exfoliated with a soft lemon flavor and can enjoy various effects such as depilation, effective skin moisturizing nourishing and exfoliation.

It quickly penetrates into the hair follicles on

the skin surface and melts the hair, making it thin & weak.

Direction: Wash & dry the area to be epilated, then apply enough to cover the hair completely. If you rub a piece and the hair is easily removed, wipe it off with a wet tissue or water

It is recommended to use one more after about 3days to completely short hair and rough hair

Precautions: Do not use the wounded area

Patch Test:  Test in a small area(3×3) before use. Do not use in sensitive areas. (Brazilian waxing area, face, villus, etc.)

Made in Korea