Eyecurl II Heated Eyelash Curler


Choice of Black, Silver, White

AA Battery (NOT Included)

Eyecurl II Heated Eyelash Curler

This Eyecurl II – Heated Eyelash Curler gives your eyelashes a natural, gentle upward curve. It lifts your eyelashes to the curve which is completely different from what tradition eyelash curler can give.

It also can be used for Eyelash extension curler. With this portable hot brush lash curler and it’s revolutionary new eyelash shaping device easily gives a longer lasting curl while smoothing mascara and separating lashes. Tired of damaging your lashes, this safe and long lasting lash curler stops pulling and pinching the lashes. No more pain or destruction of your eyelashes. The heated lash curler curls the eyelashes up with the heated coil (over 148 degrees Fahrenheit) generated by just one AA battery (Battery is not included)


Made in Korea