Facial Cleansing Brush with Natural Bristles


Size: 5.5″ L  ,  1-1/4″ W bristles  

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Facial Cleansing Brush with Natural Bristles

Featuring natural bristles (Pig Hair), this facial cleansing brush is ideal for exfoliating and cleaning the skin. It helps remove dead cells, leaving your complexion looking cleaner and smoother. Brushing your face stimulates blood flow, enabling better delivery of nutrients to your skin. Watch your face come to life as you massage it with our facial dry brush.
Made of wood, our dry face brush has a long, easy-to-hold handle. Its ergonomic curve is designed to provide comfort as you scrub and clean your face–no hand or wrist strain!

For best results use daily, use this brush while you are cleansing your face. Massage with circular motion and upward to clean your face.