Wellbeing Premium Intens Moisturizing Soft Peel Off Mask

Suitable for dehydrated and dry skin.

Choice of Packing;

50g / pkg,

10-pkg of 50g,

1 kg-pkg

Wellbeing Premium Intensive Moisturizing Repair Soft Peel Off Mask

Intensive Moisturizing Repair Soft Masks is suitable for dehydation and dry skin, effectively replenishes skin with moisture relieving fatigue and stress while stimulating and strengthen skin cells, relieving redness and sensitivity leaving skin moisturized and calm.

It helps to repenish moisture back to skin to eliminate dry lines thus reduce the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles.

Main Ingredients: collagen powder, vitamin A, NMF, Epilobi, Ivy extract

How to Use:

50g powder and 40-50 ml water

mixed well into paste. Apply immediately on the face.

Leave the mask for 15-20 minutes. Remove it by peeling off