Janssen Allantoin & Panthenol Collagen Fleece Mask


Paraben Free

1、Cell Renew

2、Provides long-term hydro-boosting

3、Immediate skin soothing and moisturizing

50% Professional discount on Janssen Cosmetics Products offered for Salon & Estheticians.  Photo of the License or certificate is required for Salon Price.   Please contact us for access the discount.


Janssen Allantoin & Panthenol Collagen Sheet



This Janssen Allantoin & Panthenol Collagen Sheet Fleece mask for demanding skin.

The skin profile reveals a conspicuous loss of resilience, is unevenly hornified and has a tendency to form wrinkles prematurely. Collagen Allantoin & Panthenol revitalizes and effectively balances out moisture deficits. With collagen, allantoin plus panthenol.

How to use: Place the mask onto the clean face which is to be treated. Moist the mask with Ampoules and allow to work in for approx. 20-30 minutes. Finally, peel the mask off in one piece. Gently press in any moisture remaining on the surface of the skin.