ORE Cranberry Peel Off Soft Mask


For irritated, sensitive and dry skins

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ORE Cranberry Peel Off Soft Mask

Product of France

Cranberry Mask is adapted for skin care, treatments for irritated, sensitive and dry skins

Its delicate touch associated to the fruity perfume gives to this cranberries mask an authentic sweetness offering to the skin sensualism and firmness. Because of a process of gelation of the endothermic type, the peel off mask is adapted for skin care treatments for irritated, very sensitive and dry skins. It contains a physiological moisturizing agent.

Cranberrries are rich in polyphenol , known further strong anti-oxydant against free radicals preventing cellular ageing.

How to Use:

30 g of powder and 90 ml of water. Add warm water to the powder, Mix vigorously to get a homogeneous paste.

Apply the paste immediately to the face avoiding the eye contour. The mask sets in minutes following the application. Leave the mask to perform its function at least 15 minutes. Remove it by peeling off in one whole piece.