1″ Facial Mask Brush with Plastic Handle


1″ Brush for Facial Mask Treatment

Facial Mask Brush with Plastic Handle

This Facial Mask Brush is ideal for applying facial masks, such as clay masks, smoothing masks or paraffin masks.  Each brush individually wrapped.

Brush Materal: Nylon

Bristles length: 1 ”

Bristles width: 1 ”

Handle Material: Plastic

Handle: 5″

How to Use: dip the brush into the product and use upward, long and sweeping motions to create an even layer all over the face.

For Cleaning the Brush, Gently Rinse well with running water or using mild soap. Dry the brushes standing straight up. Do not leave brushes soaking in water which will damaging the natural wood handle and nickel Ferrell.