Nano Glass Polish Nail File


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Nano Glass Polish Nail File

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Length: 3.5″ (9 cm), Width: 1/2″ (1.5 cm)

This Nano glass file is a harmless nail tool  for 30 seconds to a smooth glass-shine! No longer need clear polish, successfully get rid of damage to the surface of nails from inferior grit nail file

It uses physical principles to achieve the healthiest polished nails, achieve shiny and smooth effects and get rid of the common rectangular nails files that bring damage to the surface of the nails and unhealthy chemical nail polish.

Suitable For All Types of Nails: Whether you are round or rough and thick nails, smooth out your nail tips, and nail buffer can easily polish surface of nails even edges of nails

Durable and Washable Nail Files: Wash it directly by running water after each use, Wait for it to dry and put it directly into the box, It can be placed in the office and bag