Wellbeing Premium Slimming Massage Cream

250ml  OR 1L

Warming Massage Cream

Wellbeing Premium Slimming Massage Cream

250ml OR 1L

A New Warming Slimming Massage Cream reduces fat tissue in problem areas, combat cellulite and water-retention.  It accelerates blood circulation and metabolism to firms, trims, tones and energize the skin.

It is an intensive product designed for a treatment of intractable cellulite on waist, hips and thighs!

The warming sliming massage cream has unique effect due to heating ingredient that accelerates the “melting” of stubborn fatty deposits.

Ingredients: De-ionized water, glycerol, propylene glycol, carbomer, hyaluronic acid, coffee bea extract, pepper extract, paraffin.

How to Use:  Rub and massage gently onto a clean skin on problematic areas of the body until it totally absorb into the skin.  Use body wrap to wrap the area for the 15-20 minutes to let the slimming cream working.

For best results, use after exfoliating or scrubbing treatment.   Recommend to use gloves when apply the cream on the skin

DO NOT touch the eyes area.