Wellbeing Premium Witch Hazel

Choice:  500 ml / 1 Liter / 1 Gallon

Made in Canada


Wellbeing Premium Witch Hazel

Choice:  500 ml or 1 L

An Astringent produced from the leave of Hamamelis Virginana. Helps shrinks bags under the eyes, varicose vein relief, heals bruises faster, treat dry skin and lots more.

10 Benefits for Witch Hazel

1. Spot & Blemish Control

2. Sooth and heal rashes

3. Shrink bags underneath the eyes and relieve tiredness

4. Helps relief varicose vein

5. Relieve itching and swelling

6. Help bruises heals faster

7. Soothes and Prevent Razor Burn

8. Soothes Sunburn

9. Treat dry skin by locking in moisture

10. Treating bug bite

Used to alleviate infections of the skin; irritation, roughnexx or soreness.

Made In Canada