Wellbeing Premium Green Tea Soft Peel Off Mask

Choice of 50g packet or 500g

For Refresh and combination skin.

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Wellbeing Premium Green Tea Balancing Soft Peel Off Maskk

Green Tea Extracts revitalizes dull-looking skin, helps to purify and sooth the skins. It maintains skin’s PH value and reduce pores. Green Tea extract also nourishes the skin with strong anti-oxidants and control oil secretion, eliminate toxin and refresh tired skin

Ingredient: Sodium alginate, Diatomite1, ZEA MAYS,Green tea extracts, Seaweed collagen, pearl power

How to use:

Mixed 50-60g of powder and 45-55 ml of distilled water, mixed well into paste. Apply the paste immediately to the face. Leave the mask on for 15-20 mintues. Remove it by peeling off and clean off excess.

Product of Korea