Wellbeing Premium Silk Peptide Soft Peel Off Mask

Choice of 50g packet or 500g

For Repair and Hydrating the skin.

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Wellbeing Premium Silk Peptide Repair Soft Peel Off Mask

Silk Peptide comes from silk fibers that provide and retain moisture, protect skin from dehydration, boost collagen production and give the skin a smooth and silky feel, soothes and protects dry skin make it a secondary anti-inflammatory.

Main Ingredients: Silk Peptide, Collagen Essence, Cellulose, Jamine Essential Oil

How to use:

Mixed 50-60g of powder and 45-55 ml of distilled water, mixed well into paste. Apply the paste immediately to the face. Leave the mask on for 15-20 mintues. Remove it by peeling off and clean off excess.

Product of Korea